Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Marc Soucy, FWS : The French Wine Scholar certification

 On adding "FWS" to my name:

"The French Wine Scholar program is a U.S. wine industry-endorsed, and Wines of France-endorsed wine study and certification program. ... Intermediate to advanced students of wine who follow this in-depth curriculum and pass the exam will earn the French Wine Scholar (FWS) post-nominal."  --French Wine Society website

"So, after 14 months of study, I took the exam on September 24 2012, and scored an 86 on it. Would I have wanted to score higher? Sure. The French Wine Society, however informs me that the exam has a nearly 50% failure rate, so I don't feel too bad!"

Those were my off the cuff sentiments shortly after getting the news that I had passed the FWS exam. The exam was in fact difficult. I was surprised by a few of the questions, but I can't say that anything was unfair. I feel in hindsight that I studied more about geography than I really needed to (southern Rhone cru villages from north to south, anyone?)  There is simply so much information that it is very difficult to predict what will be asked. I guess that's exactly the point. The course and the exam seem designed to force you to absorb a lot of material. Well, I'd say it worked. I feel quite pleased about the result, and look forward to continuing my wine education, as well as spreading what I'm learning!

'Till Next Time,

Marc Soucy, FWS


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