Monday, December 10, 2012

Marc's Wine Tasting Notes: 2009 Heartland Shiraz

Marc's Wine Tasting Notes:
2009  Heartland  Shiraz  "Ben Glaetzer" 

Australia     Grapes: Shiraz (syrah)

Shiraz was named after a city in ancient Persia (Iran) where the Syrah grape had once been thought to have originated from. That has since been dis-proven through genetic testing, but names do not change easily, of course. No matter, the term "Shiraz" is beginning to imply a style of wine made from the Syrah grape, patterned after the typical Australian model. Here is one on the lighter easier side of that spectrum:
The very dark purple color shows the relative youth of this wine, and the aromas of blackberry, tobacco leaf, and assorted herbs and spices set up an expectation. This expectation is fulfilled on your palate: after a bit of an earthy attack, the wine bursts with dark berries, a racy acidity, and chocolate and coffee hints. The long finish allows ripe cherries to make a prominent appearance. Lighter and fruitier in style than some others, it’s a very easy to like Shiraz. The speed with which all of these aromas and flavors seem to appear and then recede, makes this affordable wine worth a trip. 

Marc Soucy, FWS

*FWS = certification from the French Wine Society, Washington D.C. & Paris, France


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