Monday, December 10, 2012

Marc's Wine Tasting Notes: 2010 d'Arenburg The Stump Jump white

Marc's Wine Tasting Notes:
2010  d'Arenburg  The Stump Jump  (white blend) 

 Australia  - McLaren Vale & Adelaide Hills     Grapes: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Marsanne, Rousanne

Australian wines exploded upon the scene in the United States, Britain, and elsewhere back in the 1990s, gaining popularity and market share with their inexpensive easy to like wines. Apparent fatigue set in after a while, and combined with overproduction of grapes, market saturation, and a serious attempt at making high end wines, their position in the global wine market took a few hits. It's in this environment that a new generation of wines is emerging, moderately priced, seriously crafted, and a new level of value once again. Here are my notes on this one:

  Yellow gold, and clear to the eye, this blend presents the aromas of tropical fruits and citrus notes. The complex nature of the wine continues on the palate, making it at once intriguing, and yet somewhat neutralizing, when trying to identify the individual grape contributions to the flavor. It is made using Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Marsanne, and Rousanne grapes. One tastes a background of assorted tree fruit, with a mixed citrus overlay, and an elusive hint of petrol, testimony to its substantial Riesling component, perhaps. Peach and lime make an appearance on the medium finish. This wine is interesting, in that it combines an unusual assortment of grapes. It’s a bit of everything to everybody, and because of this, could be a great pick for your next party. 

Marc Soucy, FWS

*FWS = certification from the French Wine Society, Washington D.C. & Paris, France


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