Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Focus on Bordeaux: Grand Bateau 2010

 Marc Soucy - Focus on Bordeaux :  

Grand Bateau 2010 
 Bordeaux, France       Grapes:  75% Merlot  -  25% Cabernet Sauvignon

Château Beychevelle is famous as a Grand Cru Classé, and this is the more affordable Bordeaux launched as a separate business by the chateau. The property’s logo—the ship with lowered sail—represents the stature of the property itself. Legend has it that ships passing the property would lower their sails out of respect for its prestigious occupants. Château Beychevelle itself is truly a “château” in every sense, and the envy of local rulers and property owners going back centuries. This Grand Bateau—“large boat”—wine is the result of great effort in producing an inexpensive version of what Bordeaux terroir is capable of, inspired by the centuries of elite wine making at its parent winery.

Marc's Tasting Notes:

Almost opaque in the center, this dark ruby Bordeaux shows a pleasing nose of plums, blackberries, cedar, and toffee. The fruit flavors evolve nicely on the palate, with dark berry fruit taking a prominent role, with a hint of slate minerality. The tannins are youthful but smooth. All of these notes are subtle but they are there, proving that a fine example of Bordeaux can be made at lower price points. I would serve this to a group whenever a Cab/Merlot blend is called for, or to dress up a simple meal, like a hamburger!

   -- Marc Soucy, FWS  


FWS: Certification by the French Wine Society, Washington D.C. & Paris France

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