Monday, March 18, 2013

Why Is Wine So Expensive? Reason #3

Pretty frequently I am asked what makes wine so expensive. I will attempt to answer this question in a series of short, individual points about this. Your time is valuable. So here we go:

One of Our Most Natural Deterrents

Reason #3:  Monitoring and Protecting Grape Vines is Time Consuming

   There are a lot of things that can go wrong with grapes. They are delicate and susceptible to damage, rot, insects and pests, being eaten by birds and other animals, and assorted diseases that can infect the plants. Somehow, the viticulturist must deal with all of these, and do so without adding toxic levels of chemicals to what will eventually become wine. Even saying "toxic levels" overlooks the fact that more and more people are looking for organic wines, which ideally use NO added chemicals. 

So the solution is to carefully and constantly monitor the vines and grapes, and come up with natural solutions, like building nets to protect the vines from pests and birds. Late harvest varieties bring additional costs of loss of product, more frequent inspection and triage, and lower yields due to the desired concentration of grape solids in the remaining juice. All of that costs time and money, and adds the price of that bottle.

More reasons to come...
--  Marc Soucy,  FWS


  1. Dear Marc, very good! I would liko to publish in my Brazilian website the 3 reasons? May I translate it and publish under your name, of course?

  2. Hello Silvia, Thanks for your kind words. Sure you can publish these there. With your permission, we should exchange links to each other's sites too. And by the way, there are more "reasons" coming!



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