Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wine Tasting Notes: Neige Apple Ice Wine

Neige  Apple Ice Wine   
  La Face Cachée de la Pomme, Quebec, Canada     
  Fruit:  80% McIntosh apples - 20% Spartan apples

 In southernmost Quebec, along the border with the US, this dream-come-true for a film maker, has evolved into one of Canada’s proudest expressions of dessert wine. The fact that it is made from apples is barely a distraction for most lovers of grape-based wines. This is a testimony to the quality and intensity of the wine itself. The Neige label now includes a number of apple wines, including even some red variations. All of their wines are aged in oak barrels, and are made using many wine making techniques traditionally reserved for grape wines. No added sugar, flavoring, or any other component is ever used. This wine is pure fermented apples and their naturally occurring apple sugars.

Marc's Tasting Notes:
 Golden with the color of polished brass, this dessert ice wine is bursting with ripe apple aromas, including hints of apple pie. The palate is complex, with layers of assorted apple flavors, like fresh picked, cider, heavily ripened, and baked apples revealing themselves. In addition, butter and pastry flavors make an appearance, leading one to imagine apple turnovers, though with no overt sugariness. The long finish exposes the true cider nature of this ice wine, as the apple pastry combination fades from the palate. This is one of those fruit wines that can make you forget about grapes….just for a moment, at least.
 -- Marc Soucy, FWS CSW


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