Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rosés: Domaine Ott Bandol Rosé 2012

  Château Romassan, Bandol, Provence, France    
  Grapes:  58% Mourvèdre - 32% Cinsault - 10% Grenache

A Very Distinctive Bottle
The Ott family—who own two other wineries in Provence—purchased Chåteau Romassan in 1956, and spent thirty years getting it ready to produce the quality of wines they envisioned were possible. They completely replanted their vineyards with quality grape varieties ideally suited to the Bandol region (mostly Mourvèdre), and totally renovated the vineyards, winery, cellar, and performed other construction. The Ott family has been making wines since 1896, when Marcel Ott worked with great passion to find true quality grape vines that would bring Provence wines back to popularity after the devastation of the phyloxera infestation. In 2004, Domaines Ott merged with Louis Roederer Champagne, but the Ott family continues to run all operations. Domaine Ott Rosés are considered among the world’s finest, and Bandol itself is an iconic source for fine Provence style Rosés.
The View from Domaine Ott (amazing!)

Marc's Tasting Notes:
The wine appears a pale pastel pink in the glass. Fairly aromatic, it gives off white flowers, tart cherry, and citrus on the nose. The palate shows honeydew melon, lime, and notes of strawberry. The texture is sublime and memorable. The finish is very dry, almost surprisingly so, but silky to a fault. This wine has a reputation as an elite Rosé and this tasting showed why. Subtlety and nuance seems to be the goal of the best Rosé makers, focusing on body and mouthfeel instead of fruit forwardness. The press method of Rosé production is shown at its very best here. If you are tempted to find out why a wine like this costs this much, you might just have to cough up the bucks to do it…just this once at least.
Domaine Ott Rosé is Very Much in Vogue with a Certain Crowd (hey notice the bottle!)

 -- Marc Soucy, FWS CSW


Wine Tasting Notes Prepared for BLM Wine 


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