Saturday, January 21, 2017

Marc Soucy's Wine Blog is 5 Years Old Today

Marc Soucy's Wine Blog, is 


Trainin' the Ole' Schnoz

Thanks to all my readers from all over the world for keeping me going.
At this moment, there have been well over 88,500 visitors so far!

My mission is and has always been to spread the word about how life can be
improved by including wine, and learning more about how that is done and why
it is done. Maybe you think this is too big a subject, or too frivolous to bother with.

I don't. 

Life it too short not to make the very most of it. Details matter.
Making a BIG DEAL out of Certain Things Makes Life BETTER.

Just Keep it FUN While You're Doing It.

Advanced Wine and Food Pairing Class Gone Awry (no that's not me!)

I hope to continue providing you with new perspectives on how to enjoy wine more! 
(even though regrettably, the articles have not been nearly as frequent as I would like.)

My exploration of the wine and spirits trade continues: Playing more and more roles in the industry, advancing my knowledge and fascination with wine, wine culture and history, and other topics, and even engaging in a competitive environment I never thought I would experience. It continues to excite, and simultaneously bewilder how all of this works.

So, with continued fascination.... 

Until Next Time!

 -- Marc Soucy, FWS CSW


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